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The creation of websites can be complex depending on the business activity of the company.

In our experience and approach, for the site to meet your needs, it is very important to understand the expectations of your SMB as well as the services and products it has to offer.

We also understand that by being an SMB manager you are very busy and Web Words Intl wants to become the web partner of your business.

A website should be clear, easy to navigate and should be able to provide key information about your business. We use a 5W approach, which will allow us to build the structure of your site and its content.


W (What: What)

What products or services do you offer

The content of your site and how it is laid out is KEY to the success of your site and for its SEO.


W (Where: Where)

Where are you located and the regions served

Where is the place of operation of your business activities.


W (When: When)

Business hours

What are your hours of operation and the events to sell and promote your products / services


W (Who: Who)

Who may be interested in your services and products.

Your products, services and their description as well as your promotional methods will determine who your customers will be.


W (Why: Why)

What need are you looking to Fulfill.

Demonstrate why your business exists  and its mission.


Websites for


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