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Google Analytics (GA4) - Creating An Account

Google analytics ga4

Creating a GA4 account is crucial for accessing Google's latest web analytics innovations. GA4 offers a more comprehensive view of the customer journey through its event-based model, unlike Universal Analytics' session-based structure. This allows for deeper, personalized user behavior analysis, better integration with Google's advertising platforms, and prepares businesses for a cookie-less analytics future. GA4 is designed to be flexible, privacy regulation resilient, and provides more accurate insights to optimize digital marketing strategies.

How to create a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Account - Step-by-step procedure

  1. Log into Google Analytics with your Google account, create a GA4 account by navigating to "Admin" and selecting "Create Account", then enter your account details.

  2. Set up a GA4 property by specifying the property name, currency, and time zone. Obtain the tracking code by clicking on "Data Stream Setup" then "Global Site Tag (gtag.js)" to copy your tracking code.

  3. Add this code to your site by placing it in the header of every webpage.

  4. Verify the installation by returning to GA4 and checking the real-time reports to confirm data receipt.

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