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Google Tag Manager (GTM) - Creating An Account

Création du GTM  -GTM Creation

Creating a Google Tag Manager (GTM) account is crucial for simplifying the management of tracking and marketing tags on a website. GTM allows users to easily add, update, and manage tags like Google Analytics, conversion tracking pixels, and other tags without needing to modify the website's code. This facilitates conversion tracking, traffic analysis, and the optimization of advertising campaigns, thereby enhancing digital marketing strategies without requiring deep technical skills.

How to create a Google Tag Manager (GTM) - Step-by-step procedure

Sign up or log in to Google Tag Manager: Visit the GTM website and either sign in with your Google account or create a new one if you don't already have one.

  1. Create an account: Click on "Create Account", enter your account name (usually your company's name), and select your country.

  2. Set up a container: Enter a name for your container (typically your website's name), select the target platform (web, iOS, Android, or AMP), and click "Create".

  3. Accept the GTM Terms of Service Agreement.

  4. Install the GTM code on your site: After creating your container, you'll receive a GTM code snippet. You need to insert this snippet into the code of every page of your website, ideally right after the opening <head> tag for the first part, and the second part after the opening <body> tag.

  5. Configure and publish your tags: Back in GTM, you can start adding and configuring tags for Google Analytics, conversion tracking, etc., and then publish your changes to make them live.

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